Truck Accidents

According to the Department of Transportation (DOT), The volume of commercial vehicles transporting goods within California and on the highways, presents a huge problem for other motorists who share the roads with semi-trucks and/or 18-wheelers.

Passengers in cars traveling on the same roads as these massive trucks, are especially vulnerable to catastrophic injuries in truck accidents in California. Data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety showed that passenger vehicle occupants were far more likely to die in accidents with large trucks than the occupants of those trucks. Due to California’s heavy trade and large number of commercial trucks moving large cargo within  the highways, California is home to a huge number of the nation’s fatal commercial tractor trailer accidents. Unfortunately, a large number of these accidents are due to many California truck companies prioritizing profits over safety. As such, although you must be aware of and be extremely careful driving next to these “big rigs”, however, regardless of how careful you are, you may not be able to avoid a collision with one of these 18 wheelers or semi-trucks. Some of these truck drivers have been driving for long hours, are tired, are not fully trained drivers or are driving trucks without proper overall maintenance. This is where the California truck companies are held liable for injuries and fatalities caused by their drivers. 

In recent years, California has been the second most dangerous state to drive in, with approximately average of 3000 fatal traffic accidents in a given year alone. California is home to a very large market for freight movement, which consists of large commercial big rigs traveling the roads and highways, to transport goods.


Large trucks pose many hazards as they travel on the roads and highways. Due to a large trucks  weight and size, it will take significantly longer to stop than a passenger vehicle. This has led to many catastrophic rear-end California truck accidents and crashes, especially if the commercial truck is speeding, not paying attention to the road (texting or on the phone) or “tailgating”.

Large trucks also have substantial blind spots called “no zones” located to the rear, sides, and front of the truck, where the driver is unaware of a car traveling next to it.

  • Some of the main reasons these California Truck Accidents happen:
  • Reckless Driving and Speeding (combined with heavy cargo)
  • Improper Turning movements
  • Driving While Impaired or intoxicated (DWI)
  • Parking on the Shoulder
  • Violating Other Commercial Vehicle Laws
  • Stopping at Railroad Grade Crossings
  • Overloading/Improper Loading of Cargo (this can cause semis to roll over or jackknife)

Another cause of fatal California Truck crashes is driver fatigue. Although there are legal limits related to the number of hours a commercial truck driver may drive without rest (i.e., no more than 60 hours in seven consecutive days), some drivers feel pressure from their employers to move cargo under deadlines.

If you have been injured or a loved one has been killed in a crash involving a big rig in California, it is important to contact an experienced California truck accident attorney to represent your best interests.

Litigating and fighting truck companies is complex and not something an inexperienced attorney should handle. It is imperative that you choose your lawyer or law firm wisely, as litigation can be complicated and involve multiple jurisdictions and venue issues.

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