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There are many modes of transportation in Los Angeles, and one of the common methods used is the metro transit system, which includes buses. Bus transportation is convenient for many Los Angeles residents, but it does come with a risk. Although bus travel is considered to be one of the safe modes of transportation for passengers on a per-mile traveled basis, the unfortunate reality is that serious accidents remain far too common.

Unfortunately, there are numerous ways that a bus accident can yield critical injuries for passengers, which has left numerous individuals injured or even killed. Oaks Law Firm is here to help you file a claim in regard to your bus accident case. If you or your loved one was hurt in a bus accident, we are more than ready to help. Contact us at our Los Angeles law office today to set up a free, strictly confidential initial consultation with a top-tier California bus accident attorney.

We Handle All Types of Bus Accident Cases in Los Angeles

Bus accidents can happen in a wide range of different contexts. The Oaks Law Firm is a California-based personal injury firm that takes on the full spectrum of bus accident cases in Los Angeles County. Whether you were hurt on a private commuter bus or a public bus—such as a Los Angeles Public Transit bus—we are here to help. Our firm also represents injured victims no matter how they were involved in a bus accident—from passenger injuries to pedestrian collisions.

Why You Need a Lawyer for a Bus Accident Case

When you are a passenger in a bus, you are susceptible to injuries that are the result of negligent operation by the bus driver or other responsible party. When this happens, you have a right to file a claim against the owners of the bus company to compensate you for the pain and suffering you endured as a result of your bus accident.

At our firm, we represent victims of bus accidents in their injuries and we can help you obtain a fair settlement from the insurance company. It is important to find a law firm in Los Angeles that will take the time to walk you through the entire process of your claim for bus injuries, and Oaks Law Firm will be glad to be that law firm for you. Since a bus is such a large piece of machinery, attention to detail is critical. A driver who is tired or distracted may only remove his or her attention from the road for a few seconds, but that is all it takes for a devastating bus accident to happen.

Accidents can also happen as a result of hazardous conditions on the road where potholes, failure to clean up after an environmental disaster, or other issues can make it dangerous for bus drivers to proceed cautiously. Here at Oaks Law Firm we look at all the factors surrounding your bus accident to find the best possible way of moving forward with your claim.

Types of Bus Accidents

Bus accidents come in many shapes and forms, but they are all usually caused by one thing: negligence. Whether the bus driver or third party is inexperienced, distracted, in a hurry, or just plain careless, they have been negligent in causing your injuries. Bus accidents can happen in any of the following ways:

When you are a passenger in a bus, and the bus strikes another vehicle or object, you can be thrown around and seriously injured. Bus crashes can lead to catastrophic injuries. Victims need immediate medical attention from a qualified doctor.

If the bus driver is operating the vehicle in a manner that causes you to be thrown from your seat, you can suffer injuries as a result of striking the interior of the bus. Lurching can generally be avoided when bus operators drive in a safe manner.

Struck by a bus:
Either as a pedestrian or as another driver, serious injuries can occur when a bus hits you. Due to their large size, buses pose a significant safety risk to pedestrians and bicyclists.

Slip and fall:
If there is a dangerous condition on the interior of the bus, such as a slippery floor or a trip hazard, passengers can be injured in a slip and fall accident.

Entering or Exiting:
If the bus driver is negligent while letting passengers on and off, a victim can suffer injury if the bus is still moving when they are boarding or leaving the bus.

Product Liability:
Sometimes, negligence in the design or the maintenance of the bus can cause an accident due to a mechanical failure. Tires, brakes, and other crucial mechanical parts need to be working properly in order to keep the passengers safe.

Negligent Hiring or Training:
A bus company can also be liable if they failed to hire competent employees or they failed to train bus drivers. The bus operator has a legal responsibility to ensure that they properly screen and train their drivers.

Third-Party Assaults:
Unfortunately, there are some circumstances in which a person may be assaulted by another passenger on a bus. In some cases, the bus operator—public or private—may bear liability on the grounds of negligent security.

Bus accidents can cause serious injuries, including head and neck injuries, whiplash, soft tissue injuries to the arms or legs, broken bones, bruising, and contusions. If you were injured as a passenger on a bus, do not hesitate. Call our Oaks Law Firm office today to learn about our services.

Holding a Bus Company Liable: A Comprehensive Investigation is a Must 

California is governed by fault-based liability rules. The law applies to the full range of motor vehicle collisions, including bus accidents. The party found at fault for a bus accident in Los Angeles is also the one who must pay for the damages. With this in mind, a comprehensive investigation is essential. Every detail matters—from the bus driver’s actions to the bus company’s maintenance records. Without a thorough investigation, the truth might remain hidden. A Los Angeles bus accident lawyer can help you secure all of the evidence that you need to prove fault. 

Notably, California is a pure comparative fault jurisdiction. Bus accidents are complicated. More than one party may be at fault for the same incident. As an example, imagine that a bus in Los Angeles hits a car. If the investigation shows that the bus driver was speeding but the car was also making an illegal turn, both parties might be found partly responsible. If the driver is deemed 25 percent at fault for the crash, that driver would bear 25 percent of the liability for their damages. 

What to Know About the Statute of Limitations for Bus Accidents in Los Angeles

If you have grounds for a personal injury claim, you need to reach out as soon as possible. Statutes of limitations place restrictions on how long after an accident you can file a claim, which is why it is always in your best interest to reach out to legal counsel sooner rather than later. The statute of limitations for a bus accident claim against a private company is two years in California. Only very narrow exceptions apply. Be proactive: If you have been hurt, contact our experienced Los Angeles bus accident lawyers today to discuss your case right away. 

You have even less time to start the legal claims process for a public bus accident claim in California. If you were hurt in a bus accident, you have a limited time frame to file your claim, especially if you were injured by a municipal bus, in which case there is a six-month statute of limitations. Do not miss your opportunity to get started on your case. At Oaks Law Firm, we work hard every day to try to make Los Angeles safer for drivers, pedestrians, and passengers by holding negligent operators responsible for their actions.

We Help Bus Accident Victims in Los Angeles Fight for the Maximum Compensation

Following a bus accident in Los Angeles County, you may be wondering: How much financial compensation can I expect to recover for my damages? California law allows injured victims to pursue financial relief for both economic losses and non-economic damages. How much you can actually expect to recover through a claim depends on several different case-driven factors. Though, no matter the circumstances, you can expect that the insurance company will try to pay out less to resolve your case. Our Los Angeles bus accident lawyers fight hard to help victims maximize their settlement or trial verdict, with financial recovery potentially including: 

  • Property damage, such as vehicle repairs.
  • Ambulance costs and emergency room cases. 
  • Hospital bills and other types of medical costs. 
  • Loss of wages and diminishment of future earnings. 
  • Pain and suffering & emotional anguish. 
  • Long-term disability and physical disfigurement.
  • Wrongful death of a family member. 

Why Rely On the Los Angeles Bus Accident Lawyers at the Oaks Law Firm

Dealing with the aftermath of a bus accident is not easy. You can be sure that the bus company has a team of lawyers in place. So, should you. At Oaks Law Firm, our team of experienced Los Angeles bus accident attorneys has been helping innocent victims obtain compensation for their injuries for years. We always put the interests of injured victims first. Bus companies and insurers must be held accountable. When you contact us at our Los Angeles law office, you will have an opportunity to consult with a California bus accident attorney who is ready to: 

  • Listen to your story and answer your legal questions. 
  • Investigate your bus accident—gathering key evidence. 
  • Handle any legal paperwork and represent you in the settlement.
  • Develop a comprehensive strategy to help you maximize your compensation. 

There is No Fee Unless We Win Your Bus Accident Case 

After a bus accident in Southern California, the last thing that injured victims need to worry about is another bill. The good news is that the cost of legal representation is not something that you need to concern yourself with when you work with the Oaks Law Firm. costs. We believe that everyone deserves access to top-quality legal representation—especially when recovering from an accident. By working on a contingency basis, we shoulder all of the financial risks. There are no upfront costs or hourly bills to pay. Our Los Angeles bus accident lawyers only get paid when you get paid. 

Contact Our Los Angeles Bus Accident Attorney Today

At Oaks Law Firm, our Los Angeles bus accident lawyers are skilled, committed, and reliable advocates for victims and families. We are on the side of the people who need help the most—not the large insurance companies. Hurt in any type of bus accident? Contact us today to arrange your free, no-obligation initial consultation. From our law office in Los Angeles, we are well-positioned to handle bus accident injury cases throughout Southern California.

KEEP IN MIND: The deadline for any governmental entity is 6 months to file a claim from the date of the incident.

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Recovering the Damages You Deserve

If someone else is to blame for your injuries, you have the right to seek compensation for the full amount of damages you've suffered. These damages can include medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, as well as pain and suffering. You must bring forth your claim within one year of the accident date. Not filing your case within one year will bar you from recovery.

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