Motorcycle Accidents

When you are injured in a motorcycle accident, you often have more serious injuries than the occupants of a car would in a two-vehicle crash. In fact, motorcycle riders are four times more likely to suffer fatal injuries than passengers in cars and trucks.

Motorcycle Accident Overview

Motorcycle accident victims are more likely to have catastrophic and life-threatening injuries than other accident victims because their bodies are more exposed to damage during the crash. If you are part of a motorcycle accident it is important to have an attorney experienced in motorcycle accident claims.

Oftentimes, motorcycle accidents are not the fault of the motorcyclist. They are actually caused by negligent drivers. In addition, injuries in motorcycle accidents can be caused by defective products, such as helmets, tires, or the motorcycle itself. Enjoying a ride on a sunny California day can be fatal when a motorcycle enthusiast is thrown from his or her bike and sustains critical injuries due to an accident with a negligent driver. It can take weeks, months, or years to recover from those injuries, and that is assuming that the accident victim can ever recover at all.

If you or someone you love were injured in a motorcycle accident, you need an attorney who has experience in handling these specific cases. At Oaks Law Firm, our attorneys are dedicated to helping Los Angeles motorcycle accident victims prevail in their lawsuits against the individuals responsible for their injuries.

Serious Injuries from Motorcycle Accidents in Los Angeles

The injuries that motorcyclists experience as a result of their accident are usually more serious than a general passenger vehicle injury. A motorcycle accident can cause severe trauma to the body, either when the body is impacted by another vehicle or when the body is thrown from the motorcycle and strikes the ground or another solid object.

Some of the common injuries from motorcycle accidents include the following:

  • Head injuries such as Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Scarring and lacerations (otherwise known as road rash)
  • Broken bones
  • Internal injuries
  • Soft tissue injuries, particularly to the knees and shoulders
  • Back injuries, including paralysis
  • Neck injuries

Just because you chose to ride a motorcycle does not mean you are responsible for the injuries that were caused by another person’s negligence. Every day, cautious and responsible motorcyclists in Los Angeles are struck and injured by drivers who are careless and irresponsible. Do not let them get away with it. The insurance company for the driver that caused your accident is responsible for compensating you for your injuries.

Why You Need an Experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorney on Your Side

When you are hurt in a motorcycle accident, you will have to go up against the other driver’s insurance company. Many motorcycle accident victims in California make the mistake of thinking they can negotiate with the insurance company on their own.

It is important to remember that without an attorney, the insurance company will usually never negotiate with you in good faith. They are out to take advantage by minimizing your settlement to save their company money. Many motorcyclists find their claims wrongfully denied by an insurance company that insists that the accident is the motorcyclist’s fault.

Once the motorcyclist hires an experienced personal injury attorney, the insurance company is more inclined to make offers. Do not let anyone take advantage of you. Call our office today to speak to one of our experienced Los Angeles motorcycle attorneys about what we can do to help you with your accident claim. At Oaks Law Firm, we start with the claims process, but we will aggressively pursue litigation on your behalf if there is any delay or denial from the insurance company or the responsible party.

Los Angeles Lawyers for Victims of Motorcycle Accidents

There are several things you should consider when hiring your Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney. Selecting the appropriate legal counsel is an important step. Consider the following aspects when meeting with your motorcycle accident attorney team to determine if they are a good fit:

  • Reputation: You want a team that is known for fighting for their clients in and out of court.
  • Experience: You want to ensure that you have retained legal counsel that is familiar with the work involved in a motorcycle accident case.
  • Courtroom and negotiation skills: While it is possible that you may never go to court with an attorney who is able to negotiate a fair settlement before trial, you want to know that you have attorneys who are willing to take your case to court if that is what it takes.
  • Results: An in-depth knowledge of motorcycle accidents and injuries is what sets our firm apart from others, which has led us to numerous successful motorcycle accident cases.
  • Personal attention: You want to know that the firm representing you cares about you and your case. You should feel confident in them from the beginning.
  • Contingency fee basis: This means that your attorneys are not paid unless you win. This gives you the peace of mind that you will not be crippled with legal fees if your case is not successful.

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