Product Liability

Manufacturers, distributors, and retailers are responsible for product safety for the items that they sell to consumers across the country and in Los Angeles. When products turn out to be unsafe and injure the very consumers who use them, the responsible individuals can be sued and held accountable for product liability.

There are numerous reasons that a product can be classified as unsafe or likely to cause injury to a user, including:

  • Defective materials
  • Manufacturing mistakes
  • Bad product designs
  • Failure to provide adequate warnings
  • Failure to provide adequate instructions

Regardless of the type of product liability case you are facing, our Los Angeles product liability attorneys are prepared to evaluate, investigate, and craft a case regarding the defective product.

The Underlying Issue

Some businesses seem to value profits over fair dealing and safety.

We at Oaks Law Firm have the ability and the resources to put together litigation teams capable of taking on big business to protect the rights of individuals that have been injured. Especially where dangerous products injure the elderly or young children, it is vital that manufacturers be held responsible for their role in injuries and deaths.

Many individuals purchase products without ever expecting that they will suffer catastrophic injuries. They expect that manufacturers and label developers have done their due diligence in testing and discussing the most effective and safe way to create and promote a product. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Which could lead to a product liability case.

Reasons for Dangerous Products

If a product is rushed to the market without proper testing, evaluation, and determination of safety, it often is revealed that the manufacturer knew the product was dangerous on some level. In many product liability cases, it turns out that a relatively inexpensive change on the manufacturer’s part would have helped to prevent critical injuries and even deaths.

Enjoying regular life activities can be altered forever after an encounter with an unsafe product. We fight for your side in court to help argue for the compensation you deserve. As dedicated product liability attorneys for numerous clients in California, Oaks Law Firm believes that no consumer should have to suffer because of a defective product. We are proud of our strong reputation for holding dangerous product manufacturers responsible for their actions and mistakes.

Preparing Product Liability Cases

When it comes to selecting a Los Angeles attorney in the area of product liability, reputation and experience matter. We have been active in class action lawsuits involving consumer litigation for many years.

In the past, we represented several hundred clients against American Home Products (now Wyeth) on diet drug claims due to heart-related and other injuries people have suffered as a result of taking these diet drugs. Also, we have represented injured plaintiffs living in a neighborhood surrounded by a battery plant where thousands of old batteries were buried.

Old batteries can cause lead contamination and increase the risk of cancer for individuals within the surrounding area.

Contact a Consumer Litigation and Product Liability Lawyer

In a product liability case, evidence is crucial. It is where the majority of our efforts and resources are focused in preparation for your defective product case.

If you believe that you have been injured by a product because of an unsafe condition or defective design, we strongly recommend you hold on to the item as evidence. We work hard to ensure that this critical piece of evidence is obtained early to prevent any possible tampering.

Using evidence is vital for crafting your case. This may involve interviews with any witnesses and involved individuals, a recreation of the accidents, comparing alternative product designs, and reviewing any other relevant information. With experience in our corner, we know how to collect all the necessary material and use it to develop a comprehensive strategy for your case.

Call Oaks Law Firm

If you have been a victim of a defective product, we know that you may have serious injuries that never allow you to regain the life you had before. We believe that it is critical to demand full accountability from the manufacturers of the product to compensate you for your injuries and to help prevent these kinds of accidents from ever happening again.

No family should have to suffer an unexpected injury or death because of a preventable mistake on the part of the manufacturer.

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