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Personal Injury Attorney

A Passionate Advocate for Woodland Hills Personal Injury Victims

Accident victims are rightly worried about how they will move forward after an accident. Car wrecks, truck accidents, and other accidents end up costing people thousands of dollars and leave them in considerable pain and distress. Trying to return to work is impossible for many, and money could be tight.

Contact Oaks Law Firm today. Our Woodland Hills personal injury attorneys can step in and review your legal rights in a free consultation. It is often possible to hold another person or business legally accountable for your accident, but you’ll benefit from the help of a seasoned advocate.

Our Personal Injury Experience is Broad and Deep

Anyone injured in an accident should reach out to Oaks Law Firm. Our Woodland Hills personal injury lawyers can help with any of the following cases: 

  • Car Accidents. California motorists should have liability coverage, and we can submit a claim on their insurance after a fender bender, rollover, or other accident. Our Woodland Hills car accident attorneys can also help with hit-and-run and uninsured motorist claims.
  • Truck Accidents. Our truck accident lawyers can help anyone injured in a collision with a big truck, like a semi or dump truck. You deserve compensation when truckers or other parties are negligent.
  • Motorcycle Accidents. Motorcyclists often end up in a ditch because other motorists refuse to show them any respect on the road. Call our law firm to find out if you can sue for compensation.
  • Pedestrian Accidents. Pedestrians are often struck when crossing a road or parking lot. Let us review the facts to determine your right to make a personal injury claim. 
  • Uber & Lyft Accidents. Rideshare companies have revolutionized transportation. But Uber & Lyft drivers can still cause collisions due to negligent driving, and we can help anyone hurt in one of these wrecks.
  • Bus Accidents. Our firm is available to represent anyone hurt in a collision with a bus or hurt as a passenger. Call us to speak about your claim with a Woodland Hills bus accident lawyer.
  • Dog Bites. California Civil Code § 3342 allows victims to seek compensation for a dog attack under either strict liability or negligence. Our dog bite lawyers in Woodland Hills can determine the correct claim to bring for your injuries.
  • Slip and Falls. Our clients often slip on water, cables, trash, debris, or other hazards. A property owner who fails to protect visitors might be on the hook for compensation.
  • Other Premises Liability Claims. In addition to slip and falls, we also handle other legal claims based on property defects, like electrocution or swimming pool accidents.
  • Product Liability Claims. Our Woodland Hills product liability attorneys can identify a defect in manufacture, design, labeling, or instructions—and then sue for compensation if you are injured.
  • Construction Accidents. A construction job site is one of the most dangerous places in Woodland Hills. Our firm can help anyone injured on the site, whether as visitors, bystanders, or construction workers.
  • Work Injuries. Workplace accidents are extremely common. Thousands of Californians miss work due to an accident on the job. Our Woodland Hills work injury lawyers can review whether you are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, as well as a lawsuit against a third party.
  • Burn Injuries. Burns vary in severity, but second and third degree burns often require expensive medical care, and they carry many complications. Our personal injury lawyers can review whether you have a legal claim to sue for your burn.
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs). Most TBIs are caused by falls, motor vehicle accidents, and violent assaults. Let our Woodland Hills personal injury lawyers analyze whether you are eligible to file a lawsuit for your injury.
  • Wrongful Death Accidents. Some accidents are fatal. Family members left behind are usually wracked with grief and fears about what will happen next. Call Oaks Law Firm. Our wrongful death lawyers in Woodland Hills can review your right to seek compensation in a wrongful death claim.

Understanding Why Fault Matters for Your Personal Injury Case

To seek compensation, we need to establish fault. Some accidents are just that—accidental—and no one is at fault. But many defendants are at fault because they did not act with sufficient care, which is called “negligence” under the law

Negligence is easy to visualize:

  • A driver who is distracted, texting and driving, speeding, or too tired to drive safely.
  • A property owner who sees a defect but doesn’t fix it or warn visitors.
  • A dog owner who lets their animal roam free in violation of leash laws.
  • A manufacturer that declines to fix a design defect in their product.

Call Oaks Law Firm to review your case. We understand how to analyze negligence. Our firm can review what evidence and facts you know. If hired, we can also perform a thorough investigation to help prove fault in your case.

Can You Receive Compensation?

Once we establish fault for your accident, we can demand fair compensation to cover your economic and noneconomic losses:

  • Emergency medical treatment, including surgery
  • Rehabilitation
  • Prescription medication
  • Lost income or wages
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disfigurement and disability

We Provide Immediate Value for Our Clients

Some accident victims are hesitant to call a lawyer. Maybe they think a lawyer is an unnecessary expense, or they don’t know who to trust. Our Woodland Hills personal injury lawyers provide immediate value to clients:

  • Offer tips on what evidence to keep in order to bolster your claim.
  • Answer questions you might have about the process.
  • Use our knowledge to analyze whether you can sue.
  • Investigate the accident to strengthen the factual basis of your claim.
  • Determine the correct defendants to increase your likelihood of compensation.
  • Demand compensation and explain why the defendant is liable for your injuries.
  • Litigate your case in court, perhaps to jury trial, when necessary.

Speak with Our Woodland Hills Personal Injury Attorneys Today

Oaks Law Firm has helped hundreds of accident victims obtain justice through the legal system. Our Woodland Hills personal injury lawyers are available to answer your questions and sketch an overview of the claims process. To schedule a meeting, please contact us today.

CALL TODAY! (877) 539-5366

Recovering the Damages You Deserve

If someone else is to blame for your injuries, you have the right to seek compensation for the full amount of damages you've suffered. These damages can include medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, as well as pain and suffering. You must bring forth your claim within one year of the accident date. Not filing your case within one year will bar you from recovery.

Matt and his associates work very hard for me, both from a legal and a personal perspective. His staff makes me feel like my total wellness is their goal, and that I'm restored, physically and financially!
-Duane L.
Timely and professional manner. I am greatly appreciative they are representing me.
-Mike N.
Professional, courteous. They go beyond attempting to assist you in getting what you need to get done.
-Christopher F.
My experience here was fantastic they took care of everything. There were absolutely no problems when it came to the actual work and with the communication. I never once fell out of the loop and I knew where my case was at every step of the way. I will never go to anyone else.
-Ani K.
Working with Oaks Law Firm has been easy and informative. They do a great job of follow ups and keeping you informed of every step of your case. They are easily reachable and good at getting back to you when they are out of office. They are very detailed and fight until the end for you. I highly recommend Oaks Law Firm.
-Eric B.
I absolutely love this Law Firm, the staff there are wonderful and very caring. They are responsive to my needs and questions plus the lawyers are very professional and aggressive resulting in the best care and maximum penalty payout. I wouldn't chose another Law Firm.
-Johnny H.
Excellent Law Firm. Oak's Law Firm made the whole process simple and painless.
-Harout A.
It was a pleasure working with the attorneys and the staff here at this firm. I've read a lot about people complaining about lack of communication from attorneys, but not this one! I would definitely recommend Matthew and his staff for injury related cases.
-Danny P.
Easy to talk to, they always return calls & cater to clients. I'm glad I chose Oak's Law Firm to represent me.
-Omar B.
Love you guys so much, Helped me out so much and got me back way more than I thought. Also, I will refer you guys to friends & family and if needed in the future, I will definitely be a return client.
-Lisa G.


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