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The world can sometimes be a dangerous place. Accidents can happen. Even in warm, sunny California, scenes like the following are not uncommon:

  • While you’re out for a jog and going past a local grocery store, you step on a wet surface, slip, and hurt yourself in a nasty fall.
  • You go out shopping and park your car at a mall parking lot. But the parking lot is poorly lit. As you walk from your car, another car runs up and hits you because it’s too dark for the driver to be able to see you.
  • You’re walking up an old staircase that hasn’t been repaired in ages. As you take your next step, the ground beneath you breaks, or the railing snaps and you take a painful tumble.
  • You trip over an upturned floorboard that shouldn’t be there and fall down.
  • A car runs a red light and hits you as you’re crossing the street.

When It Happens…

Any of these things can be difficult to deal with. Worse yet, adding insult to injury, if you’re hurt on the property of a private business, the business owner can claim that what happened to you is your own fault. Then, not only are you hurt but you’re trapped in a match of he-said-she-said with no apparent resolution in sight.

Our seasoned team of Riverside lawyers at Oaks Law Firm can help you bring some peace and order back into your life. As we operate through the state of California, we can help you determine whether you’re entitled to compensation and how much you could receive.

California Statute of Limitations

If you’ve been injured, remember that your time to file a legal claim is limited. According to Sections 335.1 and 340 of the California Code of Civil Procedure, victims of personal injury must file a personal injury lawsuit within two years of the date on which the injury occurred.

In some cases, injuries in Riverside, California, can manifest only later. If it wasn’t apparent that you were seriously injured until some time after your accident, then you have up to two years from the moment at which you discovered the full extent of the harm to file a claim. In such cases, medical records may be essential to establishing the discovery of harm.

Injured? Act Now

The sooner you act, the sooner we at Oaks Law Firm can bring an experienced Riverside lawyer to your aid. Our legal professionals are skilled personal injury lawyers with a track record of excellent results. Get a great Riverside attorney to assess your case, determine how much compensation you could receive, and bring your claim to court.

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