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Causes of pedestrian accidents

With many pedestrians walking on the sidewalks every day, the chances of a vehicle hitting a pedestrian are more likely to happen. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), approximately 70,000 pedestrians are severely injured, and over 4,000 pedestrians are killed in such types of accidents each year in the United States. However, by understanding some of the common factors that lead to pedestrian accidents, you can help prevent them from happening. Read on to learn more about the causes of pedestrian accidents and why you should talk to an Oaks Law Firm attorney.

What are the main causes of pedestrian accidents?

Below are some of the common factors that lead to pedestrian accidents:

  1.     Poorly installed or defective traffic lights

Pedestrians and drivers normally rely on the proper functioning of the traffic lights. If they become defective, they can lead to fatal pedestrian accidents.

  1.   Impatient drivers

Impatient drivers who drive carelessly and do not look out for pedestrians walking in crosswalks usually cause many pedestrian accidents.

  1.   Pedestrian negligence

 Pedestrians can also make mistakes such as; failing to use the designated pedestrian walk areas or darting into traffic that can increase the risk of pedestrian accidents.

  1.   Impaired drivers

Drivers who operate their cars while intoxicated pose a severe danger to other road users, especially pedestrians. Impaired drivers usually end up driving through pedestrian sidewalks, causing accidents.

  1.   Harsh weather conditions

 Excess rainwater and ice can cause the road to be slippery, making it difficult for vehicles to stop in time to prevent accidents from occurring.

  1.     Multi-lane/ Arterial roads

Such roads often pose a significant danger to pedestrians, as they have to deal with other drivers continuously changing lanes, speed, tailgating, or making unsafe lane changes.

  1.     Recklessness

Recklessness by both drivers and pedestrians can also contribute to road accidents.

  1.   Failure to follow traffic laws

Drivers who fail to adhere to traffic laws by making illegal U-turns, overspeeding, and carelessly overtaking can lead to pedestrian accidents.

  1.   Vehicles making left turns

Pedestrians are always at risk of being hit by vehicles turning left because drivers may be mainly focusing on negotiating busy road intersections while looking straight instead of to the left side of the car.

  1.   Road construction

Lastly, road construction is one of the leading factors of pedestrian accidents. This is because road construction can force pedestrians to walk in areas designated for drivers; thus, they end up hitting them.

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If you or your loved ones happen to be involved in a pedestrian accident and unfortunately end up with physical injuries. You are legally entitled to file for a settlement or jury award for the losses you have suffered as well as future medical expenses. That said, you will need to hire a well-knowledgeable and experienced personal injury attorney who will help you file your claim. At Oaks Law Firm, our well-skilled personal injury attorneys will work closely with you when filing your compensation case and ensure you receive the full compensation amount. To schedule an appointment, feel free to visit our offices at Sherman Oaks, CA, or call us at 877-539-5366.

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How Many Accidents Are Caused by Texting and Driving?

Americans believe that texting while driving is a multitasking talent. It poses a risk to the driver, other motorists, and pedestrians in the real sense. When you text or reply, your eyes primarily focus on your phone, impairing your driving judgments. So, how many accidents are caused by texting and driving? The following statistics and facts will help you know why the two don’t mix.

Texting and driving statistics

  1. According to NHTSA, about 660,000 drivers use their cell phones to call, browse the internet, and text while driving.
  2. According to Virginia Tech, texting while driving puts you 20 times at the risk of causing an accident leading to a crash.
  3. Texting while driving is one of the leading causes of one out of four accidents in the US
  4. While initiating or receiving a call from your cell phone while driving is prohibited, texting is far much riskier.
  5. Texting and driving is six times more dangerous than drunk driving
  6. Approximately 3,142 people died from car crashes involving drivers who were distracted

How dangerous is texting while driving?

Texting while driving is a form of distraction that takes away your attention. Some studies suggest that the time you take to respond to a text is enough to cross a football pitch from one end to the other. That’s enough time to cause a car crash or hit a pedestrian. Your eyes should be on the road, not on your phone.

Distracted driving works in three ways:

  1. Visual manipulation

Your eyes and mind are off the road as you type a text. Even if you keep lifting your head to glance at the road, it’s not easy multitasking between texting and driving. You need to choose one. Either pull over and finish texting or postpone the texting to concentrate on driving.

  1. Manual impairment

While some people can drive with one hand while texting with the other, the amount of distraction is enough to put everyone involved at risk. You need both hands, one to hold the steering wheel, the other to manipulate other driver assistance features.

  1. Cognitive impairment

Like your eyes, the mind can concentrate on one thing at a time. Driving is a sport that requires your 100% attention because any slight distraction can cause injuries, deaths, and loss of property.

How to prevent texting and driving

  1. Do not text while driving. Either do it before or after your trip, not during
  2. Install apps to prevent you from using your cell phone while driving
  3. Passengers should remind the driver to stop texting and focus on driving
  4. Parents should teach their teen children about the dangers of texting while driving

Going to the statistics, texting while driving is a dangerous activity that can lead to deaths quickly. No matter how talented you’re in multitasking, resist the temptation to text and drive simultaneously. Remember, everyone, including passengers, motorists, and pedestrians, counts on you to act responsibly while on the road. To learn more about texting and driving statistics, schedule an appointment with an attorney at Oaks Law Firm today.

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What Is the Average Settlement for a Semi-Truck Accident?

Like cars, semi-trucks have caused many accidents, killing and injuring many people. The worst part is those semi-truck accidents are catastrophic as the driver hardly survived the accident. These vehicles are big and haul bulky cargo, worsening the effects of the accident.

Ideally, the at-fault party should compensate the victims should they get injuries. But if the victim dies, various measures need to come into play to ensure their families get the justice they deserve. So, what is the average settlement for a semi-truck accident?

What to expect from a settlement for a semi-truck accident

If you or someone you know has been involved in a semi-truck accident, you likely wonder how the courts will rule as far as the settlement is concerned. For starters, compensation for such as accident depends on:

  1.       The severity of the outcome of the accident by the at-fault party. Was anyone injured? If so, how many victims got killed or injured?
  2.       How much the truck driver was at-fault

Considering these conditions, the settlement figure may range from thousands for minor damages to millions of dollars to massive injuries.

Going by the Department of Transportation statistics, a victim with a non-fatal injury with one semi-truck should receive between $195,258 and $200,000 in a settlement. Settlement for people killed in a semi-truck accident rises to $3,604,518 if it’s a single crash. The damages should cover medical and ER costs, rehabilitative care, lost wages, and physical therapy. The judge may also rule that pain and suffering should also be considered, considering the trauma such victims encounter.

The factors to consider when tailoring settlement for semi-truck accidents

  1.       Who the at-fault party is

The at-fault driver carries the blame, and their insurance company should compensate the victim.

  1.       Property damage

The semi-truck driver’s insurer inspects the damage caused and pays the cost of repairs.

  1.       Medical expenses

The at-fault driver pays the medical bills the victim has incurred and their future medical bills. The worse the victim is injured, the higher the medical expenses.

  1.       Impaired earning capacity

Since semi-truck vehicles are more robust than regular cars, the amount of force they cause might cause severe injuries to the victims. The severely-injured victim is forced to take time off work to receive medical attention, impairing their earning capacity and losing wages.

  1.       Pain and suffering

Victims of semi-truck accidents have a problem enjoying their quality of life due to the trauma they encounter. The lawyer might argue that you’re physically and mentally unstable to navigate life and compel the court to ask the at-fault driver to pay for the damages.

Do you need an attorney for a case involving a semi-truck accident?

Whether you caused the semi-truck accident or are a victim, you need a qualified lawyer to represent you. It takes a good lawyer to ensure both parties get justice. Contact Oaks Law Firm today if you need to speak to a personal injury lawyer or want one to represent you.

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What Are The Major Factors In Motorcycle Accidents?

Motorcycle accidents are common across the country, but they may occur more often than people realize. While many of these incidents involve bikes and cars or trucks, there are other dangers out on the roads that can put the life of a motorcyclist at risk. These risks can include potholes, debris in the street, wet conditions, and other cars or trucks on the road. Many different factors can lead to motorcycle accidents, but understanding them is the first step towards preventing them. Remember, Oaks Law Firm can help file a claim to get compensation for any damages resulting from a motorcycle accident caused by someone else. Here are some factors that play a crucial role in motorcycle accidents.

1. Car Collisions

rear end car crash - Oaks Law FirmMost motorcycle accidents occur when a bike runs into the back end of a car or truck. This can happen because the driver of the larger vehicle failed to see the motorcyclist or because the car was not moving fast enough and could not stop in time to avoid an accident. The majority of such collisions tend to result in injuries, so both drivers must take the proper precautions to avoid crashes.

2. Driving Under The Influence

Probably one of the most dangerous factors when it comes to motorcycle accidents is driving under the influence. There have been numerous instances where a motorcyclist gets hit by a drunk driver when they are on the road, so being aware of your surroundings at all times is very important. If you are biking, make sure that you take the necessary precautions to avoid getting hit while on the road. Some substances you should not consume before hitting the road include:

  • Illegal drugs
  • Prescription medication that can affect your judgment or motor skills
  • Alcohol and cigarettes, which impair vision and reaction timesRoad Conditions

Road conditions can also lead to motorcycle accidents. Debris on the road, potholes, poor weather conditions, and other obstacles may be hard for a driver to see, but they can put a motorcyclist at risk of an accident. It’s essential to be cautious when you’re on the road and do your best to avoid these kinds of problems.

3. Weather Conditions

winter roads - oaks law firmFog is hazardous for motorcyclists. If you are biking, make sure that you take the necessary precautions before heading out on the road. Always be aware of your surroundings and understand what obstacles you may encounter when on the road.

4. Drivers Behaving Negligently

In addition, drivers can behave negligently without realizing it, leading to crashes with motorcycles. Negligent driving ranks among the top 10 causes of motorcycle accidents. A driver might make a sudden lane change or perform another action without thinking. If the person behind the wheel does this while a motorcyclist is on the road, it can lead to severe accidents. Always be aware of your surroundings when you’re driving down the road to avoid these kinds of things from happening.

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phone - oaks law firmIn summary, many different factors can lead to motorcycle accidents. Most of them involve the negligence of others, so motorcyclists need to take necessary precautions when they are on the road. Remember, motorcycle accident lawyers can help you file a claim with the person at fault to get compensation for your injuries if you were hit by a driver who was being careless.

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Motorcycle Accident Statistics

With a severe injury, there’s severe damage to the body. There can be critical injuries like brain trauma, paralysis, or loss of limbs. Even if someone survives an accident, they could end up with lifelong chronic pain and complications limiting their everyday lives. Motorcycle accidents are no joke – whether you’re a passenger on the bike or a passenger in a car. In the United States, roughly 500,000 people are injured in motorcycle accidents each year. In 2011 alone, there were 4,957 fatalities from these accidents. Motorcycles only account for 3% of total vehicle registrations but 11% of all road crash fatalities each year. When it comes to crashes involving a motorcycle and another vehicle, 1 in 10 motorcycle accidents result in injury or death. If you get injured in a motorcycle accident due to someone else’s negligence, you should contact Oaks Law Firm to seek compensation.

What is the Percentage of Motorcycle Accidents Resulting in Injuries or Death?

motorcycle riding - oaks law firmThe number one cause of motorcycle accidents is a result of a collision with another vehicle. 85% of all motorcycle accidents involve a car in some way or form. Other causes include driving under the influence, unsafe turning, and excessive speed, among others you can avoid by taking proper safety precautions when out on the road.

According to a recent study, motorcycle accident statistics show that half of all motorcycle accidents happen in the daytime, while two-thirds occur on dry roads. The months with the most accidents are July and August. Among all recorded accidents, over 75% happen among riders between 20 and 39 years old. Collisions with other vehicles account for 78% of all motorcycle accident fatalities. Of those killed in these accidents, not wearing a helmet is one of the leading causes of why they lost their lives. Most crashes involving loosening or losing control while cornering makes up roughly 30% of all deaths.

  • Surprisingly, it seems females are more likely to get into an accident than men.

What are the Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents?

motorcycle cartoon - oaks law firmSince motorcycle accidents can result in some of the most severe injuries, it’s essential to be aware of the top causes. Accidents that occur due to collisions between vehicles account for 48% of all fatalities, and only 34% of those collisions involve another motorcycle. For this to happen, both cars must be on two separate sides of the road. This can be because of unsafe passing, failure to yield, and unsafe turning, which all fall under human error.

Here are some other common causes of motorcycle accidents:

  • Driving under the influence. Almost 8% of motorcycle accidents are caused by alcohol, with over 1,000 lives lost each year.
  • Unsafe passing
  • Failure to yield when it’s the motorcyclist’s right-of-way
  • Unsafe or illegal maneuvers such as speeding and running red lights or stop signs

Oaks Law Firm

running and texting - oaks law firmTo summarize, many causes could lead to accidents. However, not wearing a helmet is one of the biggest causes of motorcycle fatalities. Not obeying traffic laws, driving under the influence, and speeding all contribute to motorcycle accidents.

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Types Of Head Injuries Sustained Through Motorcycle Accidents

When people think of motorcycle accidents, they often envision the individual being thrown from the bike to land hard on the pavement. While this is undoubtedly a common injury in motorcycle crashes, it’s not always what occurs. When motorcyclists are involved in collisions with other vehicles, their head bumps against something inside the vehicle, such as a windshield. The American Association for Automotive Medicine (AAAM) found that over half of all motorcycle accidents occur when another driver doesn’t see or yield to the motorcyclist. IN this article, we look at some of the common injuries you may sustain in a motorcycle accident. If you do get injured, you should contact Oaks Law Firm to help you file a claim.

  1. Concussions

brain highlighted - Oaks Law FirmConcussions are a type of traumatic brain injury that can happen when you hit your head or get struck by something. Even though concussions have become more common in the public consciousness, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that at least 1.6 million people suffer concussions annually in the United States.

If you have suffered a concussion, you may experience

  • a loss of consciousness
  • nausea and vomiting
  • blurred vision
  • slurred speech
  • a headache.

These symptoms can last for a few hours to a few weeks after the accident. The diagnosis of a concussion depends on your injury history and how long it takes you to recover from the symptoms.

  1. Traumatic Brain Injuries

While a concussion is a mild form of traumatic brain injury, a more serious TBI can damage the brain. Suppose you’ve been in a motorcycle accident and have symptoms such as trouble walking or speaking, seizures, disorientation, and memory loss. In that case, your TBI may be severe enough that you will require surgery.

The recovery from a TBI can be long and difficult, often requiring extensive rehabilitation. Even with the best treatment and rehabilitation, you may still experience significant problems with memory, attention span, and concentration.

  1. Skull Fractures

When people think of skull fractures, they often envision the individual having a large cut on their head. However, not all skull fractures result from external cuts. Approximately 20 percent of people who have sustained a skull fracture don’t even have a cut on their scalp.

  1. Brain bleed

Side view of a human brain graphicIf you have swelling or bleeding of your brain, this is called a brain bleed. One type of brain bleed results from the shearing force when your body rapidly accelerates or decelerates. Motorcycle accidents are common causes of shearing force injuries, which can cause you to have a brain bleed. After suffering a brain bleed, some people complain of having headaches or neck pain and seeing double. In more severe cases, some may experience seizures and unconsciousness.

  1. Whiplash

In most motorcycle accidents, whiplash is simply the result of being thrown from the bike before coming into contact with the ground. Whiplash can be difficult to diagnose because it doesn’t usually result in any visible injuries. However, if you have pain, tingling, or numbness in your neck muscles as well as an aching pain on both sides of your neck, this may indicate a whiplash injury.

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buttoning suit - oaks law firmIn summary, various injuries can occur when a motorcycle accident takes place. If you have been in a collision and are suffering from any of the symptoms or conditions described here, be sure to contact an experienced personal injury attorney for help.

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Statistics on Percentage of Car Accidents Caused by Distracted Driving

It’s a well-known fact that driving while texting or using your cell phone can lead to a car accident. Driving and being distracted is dangerous for many reasons: you have less control over the vehicle, more accidents are happening because people aren’t paying attention to what they should be doing (driving), and finally, it could lead to an accident with someone isn’t expecting it. When another party leads you to an accident, it’s vital to seek legal assistance. Book an appointment with the Oaks Law Firm.

Distracted Driving Statistics

According to, over 3,000 people were killed in distracted driving crashes in 2015 alone. This statistic has increased exponentially in the past six years (according to Of the total number of fatal car accidents caused by distracted drivers, almost two-thirds involved cell phone use while driving. The most common distractions were

Texting (1,150 fatalities) Talking on a cell phone (697 deaths) Looking at something inside the car, such as a map or CD (432 deaths) Reaching for an object in the vehicle (405 fatalities). Using an electronic device like a smartphone (395 deaths) Other types of distractions included: reading, personal grooming, and watching a video (all of which involved fatalities).

Drivers need to understand that there is no legitimate reason why someone should be distracted while driving. Some distractions may seem harmless on their own, but when they accumulate and you start engaging in more than one at a time, it can be hazardous.

Statistics on Distracted Driving Lawsuits

While not every one of these crashes resulted in a lawsuit being filed, it is fair to say that the majority did. It means that several thousand cases have been litigated over the years regarding distracted driving.

According to, the number of cell phone-related accident injury cases in the U.S. has tripled over the past ten years. The study estimated that about 880,000 legal issues had been filed against wireless service providers due to injuries sustained in accidents involving texting while driving or talking on the phone and driving.

If you or someone you love suffered injuries in an accident involving distracted driving, you must take the following steps: Report the incident to the police right away.

Tips for How to Avoid Being Distracted While Driving

Every driver should take the time to assess whether or not they’re a distracted driver. If you think this might be true, here are some tips on how to improve your driving habits:

  • Put away all cell phones and other distracting items when getting behind the wheel
  • Pull off to a safe area (if possible) if you find yourself being distracted while driving
  • If you have to use the cell phone, pull over to do so
  • Ask a passenger to be responsible for your distraction if they’re in the car with you
  • Don’t drive when extremely tired or hungry

It’s essential to be aware of the dangers of being distracted while driving. You could put yourself, your passengers, or other drivers in trouble without even realizing it. If you want help avoiding these distractions, stick to the road safety best practices. Contact car accident lawyers first when another party is at fault in an accident you’re in.

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When Do Car Accidents Happen The Most?

Car accidents are prevalent, with many drivers on the road for many hours. However, most accidents do happen at certain times in the day. Everyone has heard the horror stories of car accidents. They range from the relatively minor fender benders to the tragic loss of life. Car accidents can be severe pain in anybody’s neck literally and figuratively when they happen. Although there is no way to ultimately ensure that you will live out your days without ever getting into a car accident, there are steps you can take to lessen the chances of it happening. If you, unfortunately, get into one and want to seek compensation from the liable party, you may want to find the best Oaks Law Firm for legal advice. With that said, here is when car accidents happen most frequently:

Morning Rush Hour

According to reports by the U.S. Department of Transportation in 2004, morning rush hour traffic accidents only accounted for around twenty percent of all accidents within a given day. However, 60 percent of fatalities during accidents occurred during this period. Also, 50 percent more accidents occurred within the morning rush hour than in the evening rush hour.

All Day Long

Car accidents can happen literally at any point throughout an entire day; however, they most notably occur anytime after 11:00 AM, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s report in 2004. Although there is not much difference between accidents occurring in the morning and afternoon, both stand at around twenty percent with evening rush hour coming in at under ten percent.

Rainy Days

Can you guess when car accidents happen the most? If your answer was rainy days, then you are right. The Federal Highway Administration reports that over one-quarter of all accidents occur during periods of inclement weather. A large part of this is due to slippery road conditions.

During Icy Conditions

Although the chances of a car accident happening while it is raining are much higher than when it is icy, almost seventy percent of all fatalities occurred during accidents occurred in icy conditions. Most causes of accidents on icy roads include:

  • Loss of control due to skidding
  • Loss of control due to hydroplaning (when a layer of water on the road surface prevents adequate contact with the road, causing loss of traction)
  • Inadequate braking ability.

It’s Too Late

According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s data, over sixty-five percent of all fatalities occurred at night, with only thirty-eight percent occurring during the daytime. Although it seems logical, this interesting statistic goes against most people’s intuitions.

When It’s Snowing

Even though there isn’t a considerable variation between the number of accidents that occur in snowy and icy conditions, for some reason, almost sixty percent more fatalities happen when it’s snowing. The same goes for foggy conditions. In such weather, visibility is minimal and is not suitable for driving. As such, this is probably the reason for this statistic.

In summary, most accidents tend to occur during the morning rush hour, when it is raining, snowing, or icy, and at night. This should give you an idea of what times to avoid if possible. If you have been injured in a car accident that was not your fault, then get in touch with an experienced car accident attorney to help you file a claim. Call us for a free consultation.

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Types Of Injuries Caused By Car Accidents

When you think of a car accident, the last thing that comes to most people’s minds is not a seatbelt or an airbag. Most people think of broken bones and bruises. Though car accidents are dangerous enough to cause serious injuries such as these, there are many other types of injuries from car accidents that may affect your health for the rest of your life. The harms associated with car accidents can be severe, and they can cause complications in your day-to-day life. If you do get injured in a car accident that was someone else’s fault, you may want to hire an Oaks Law Firm to help you pursue compensation. This article looks at some of the most common injuries caused by car accidents.

Soft Tissue Damage

Soft tissue injuries are one of the most common types of injuries that you can sustain in a car accident. These injuries include soft tissue damage to the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and other connective tissues found around your joints and bones. When you suffer from soft tissue damage, there is some tearing or damage on the soft tissues in your body. This type of injury is complicated to diagnose and can take a long time to heal properly.

Bone Damage

There are many different types of bone damage that you may suffer from during an accident. Some of the most common types of bone damage resulting from car accidents include:

  • Broken neck or back
  • Fractured femur
  • Jaw damage from airbag deployment
  • Head, neck, and spine trauma


If you were involved in a car accident that caused your vehicle to catch on fire, then you are at risk of suffering from burns. Burns are injuries that can occur when the skin is exposed to heat for too long. These injuries are very severe and can leave survivors with disfiguring scars or even permanent damage to their skin.

Traumatic Brain Injury

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one of the most common injuries in a car accident. A TBI occurs when an external force causes damage to the brain tissue, and it commonly occurs during car accidents because the head may hit the steering wheel, dashboard, or windshield.


Whiplash is one of the most common injuries that road accidents can cause. Whiplash is not an injury to the spine, but rather it refers to neck damage that occurs after a sudden jolt or force is applied to the head and neck. The impact of whiplash can cause muscles in your neck to spasm, which may lead to a headache or even migraines in some cases. Whiplash can also cause muscle tears in your neck, which is very painful and may require surgery to fix the damage.

In summary, many different injuries can be caused by a car accident. As previously stated, some of the most common types of injuries from car crashes include soft tissue damage, broken bones, traumatic brain injury (TBI), burns, scarring, whiplash, and even paralysis. If you get injured in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you can hire an attorney to pursue compensation. Call us today for a free consultation.

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Personal Injury Attorneys Address How Fatigue Makes A Person More Easily Distracted.

Anecdotally, we all know that it is harder for us to concentrate when we are tired. Fatigue (feeling tired) deprives us of the ability to focus our minds on a particular task. Our minds tend to drift even further when the task at hand is boring and monotonous itself. For example, driving on a lonely stretch of road for a long distance can be very boring.

Sometimes our jobs can have aspects that are also very monotonous. Feeling fatigued can enhance those thoughts of boredom and increase the likelihood that we will become distracted from our task, which leads to injury or death in many cases.

Backed By Research

A study performed by psychiatrists from the United Kingdom examined the effects of sleep deprivation and distraction. The doctors wanted to find out what effect if any, sleepiness would have while performing dull tasks such as driving and working in settings that require little critical thinking.

While it is commonly understood that sleepiness often leads to distraction, the study also determined that the amount of distraction is an indication of how sleep-deprived a person might be. The results of the study may not be earth-shattering and do seem intuitive.

However, the study demonstrates the importance of performing essential, even if tedious, tasks with sufficient rest.

Monotonous But Dangerous

Driving can be one of the most boring things we do on a daily basis. We take it for granted and once learned, becomes second nature like walking and talking. We also do not think about what we are doing when we are behind the wheel; we just do it.

But, sleep deprivation robs us of our ability to concentrate on the simplest jobs, never mind complex tasks like driving. The study proved that when we are tired our minds will pick up on secondary, or unimportant details, rather than paying attention solely to the most important. By way of comparison, the study showed the test subjects who were well-rested, and alert could prevent themselves from becoming distracted by less important information.

Diving Deeper

The study yielded an unexpected result: people who were sleep-deprived turned their focus away from the task at hand even if there was no distraction coming from another source. The psychiatrists concluded that this data suggests that a tired mind seeks out distraction to combat boredom or fatigue.

If the test subjects’ brains did not find something to distract it, then they fell into what the examiners called “microsleeps;” otherwise known as “nodding off.” Nodding off or being distracted reduces reaction times.
In the real world, we can use this information to become safer drivers and workers.

The authors do propose that the results of the study are relevant to people who work in quieter conditions such as someone who must watch a surveillance system for a prolonged period. The psychiatrists expressed great concern for truck drivers and other motorists who are tired yet continue to drive.

The results of the study show that the tired driver is more likely to focus on distractions within the car like:

  • A GPS device
  • A cellphone
  • Distractions from without the car, like a disabled vehicle in the breakdown lane with hazard lights on.

The tired driver is more likely to focus on the flashing red lights than to pay attention to the road.

Contact an Experienced Attorney

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