Woolsey and Sierra Fire Insurance Claims Support

Victims of fire damage lose more than just their property, in a fire. Families and loved ones may be left homeless, businesses may shut down and injuries may have permanent impacts. Some property may be irreplaceable, especially if it is sentimental. Items such as heirlooms, personal treasures, records and photos are just some of the losses people may experience after fire damage. Even worse, there could be a total loss of property or home, resulting in further emotional distress. Handling a fire damage claim can be overwhelming, to say the least. Our experienced fire damage attorneys handle lawsuits for CA fire damage, to protect the rights of victims.

A fire damage to your home or business does more than just financial hardship. It can displace families, afflict survivors with post-traumatic stress and leave a feeling of loss and shock. We will listen to your needs and address your concerns to make sure your fire damage and/or property damage claim is expedited so we may obtain a settlement and/or compensation. We cannot bring back what you lost, but we can help you start again and move forward.

Does Fire Insurance Cover your Property Damages?

If you have fire insurance and file a claim, after a fire, you will probably be shocked by the initial offer your insurance makes. Unfortunately, insurance coverage is usually not sufficient to cover the equal  replacement of a home or business. Additionally, your mementos, photos and milestones or other treasures are irreplaceable and are usually not valued by the insurance carrier. Insurance companies challenge fire damage claims and it is their job to minimize what they payout. This in turn causes a major loss to.

Many are tempted to accept an initial offer from their insurance. After all, at a time of need, it may seem like the fastest way to get the money you desperately need to care for your family. Insurance companies use this against you. They want you to accept an offer that is not in your best interest. We know how insurance companies assess damages and how we can increase their evaluation of your claim. Our experienced fire damage and property damage attorneys know how to navigate these claims and to maximize your recovery.

Who Can Be Liable in a Fire Lawsuit?

There are many ways a fire can begin. There are possible third parties that may have contribute or caused the fire damage you are dealing with. A utility company may have not maintained or repaired their equipment which may have ignited, sparked or caused equipment failure, a contractor may not have wired a property to code, resulting in fire. Explosions are common in both residential and business claims. Sometimes, cases involve defective products that prevented victims from stopping a fire before it caused extensive damage. Hence, there may be a product liability case if you have furniture that did not meet California fire retardant standards, for example. We know what to look for and how to handle this complex area of law.

Let our experience and knowledge of this area of the law assist you and your family obtain the result your deserve. We are here for you and are here to listen and assist you.