Texting While Walking– Pedestrian Safety

Texting has become the most common form of communication. Nowadays, it seems like everywhere we look, we see people walking and texting. Clearly, this is a very dangerous habit and is the cause of many catastrophic injuries. Why? Simply because it takes away your ability to be alert and cautious.

Lately many videos of people walking into poles and falling into water fountains, while on their phones, have surfaced and taken over social media.

Recent Relevance

Many accidents and injuries are reported daily. Thousands of wrongful death cases and catastrophic injury cases have been filed over recent years. One such recent incident took place at a subway station of a man texting and walking when he continued walking and ended up falling into the train tracks. Luckily, the train was not running.

It has been proven that distraction from walking while texting can cause pedestrians to cross streets even when not safe to do so. Wrongful death cases for pedestrians and catastrophic injury claims by pedestrians have risen over the last few years. A lot has to do with distractions, mainly due to walking while texting. You can verify the statistics and increased pedestrian fatality on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website.

Another study from the Ohio State University conducted shows distracted walking has caused more than two million injuries in the last few years.

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Avoiding these types of accidents might be easier than you may think. Clearly texting should be done when at a standstill to prevent any and all accidents caused by distraction. Think about it, a lot of drivers are distracted because they are texting. If you too are texting and crossing a street, as well, this is recipe for a disasterous outcome. We want you safe, so please:

  • Put the phone away
  • Be mindful of your surroundings
  • Stay safe

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