Swimming Pool Accidents

In Los Angeles, swimming pools are part of the California lifestyle that we all enjoy. Many individuals are aware of the increased responsibilities that come with having a pool, allowing them and visitors to enjoy some fun in the sun. The beautiful weather in Los Angeles and the rest of California makes swimming pools a popular option for many homeowners.

However, some pool owners are irresponsible in the maintenance and upkeep of their pools and surrounding areas. This negligence can sometimes cause serious injury to an innocent victim who is a guest, renter, or an invitee on the property. If you are injured in a swimming pool accident, you need to speak with a lawyer about filing a claim against the negligent property owner. In some devastating situations, pool accidents can result in death of the victim, often children or teenagers. Nezhad Law Firm is an attorney that is experienced and ready to help you with your law suit in a swimming pool accident.

Few activities are more relaxing for a California family than enjoying some time at the pool, but parents should be aware that drowning is the second-leading cause of fatalities for children under the age of 15. Other facts about pool accidents include:

  • Children between the ages of 1 and 4 are the most likely to drown, according to the Centers For Disease Control
  • When children in that age range do pass away from drawing, they are most likely to be in swimming pools at the time of the accident

If a child does survive the accident, he or she might have serious brain damage from loss of oxygen to the brain. As firm advocates of public safety, we are committed to helping the families who have suffered as a result of a preventable swimming pool injury due to someone else’s negligence. Many accidents could have been prevented through the use of close supervision of children. Let us help you through your swimming pool accident case.

If your child or your loved one died as the result of a pool accident, you have a right to file a wrongful death claim on his or her behalf to compensate for your loss. Call Nezhad Law Firm today to speak with one of our knowledgeable Los Angeles personal injury attorneys about the facts of your case.

Types of Swimming Pool Accidents

Swimming pools can be dangerous in many different ways. In many situations, the victim is completely unaware of the deadly dangers that are poolside. Here are some of the common situations that give rise to a swimming pool accident lawsuit in Los Angeles:

  • Drowning:When pools are improperly gated or poorly marked, there is a risk of drowning. This happens most often with small children who should not be able to access the pool. However, it can also occur with adults who unsuspectingly fall into pools, either due to improper signage, slipping and falling, or other factors. Drowning can happen very quickly, leaving children with serious injuries or even causing death.
  • Slip and Fall:Slip and fall injuries are very serious, especially around a pool. The risk of head injury when striking one’s head against the hard poolside surface is great. Furthermore, there is also a drowning hazard if the slip and fall victim is knocked unconscious and falls into the pool.These accidents often occur around pools due to an improperly maintained slippery surface near the edge of the pool.
  • Diving / Jumping Injuries:In addition to slip and falls, there is a serious risk of head and neck injuries from diving and jumping. If a diving board is malfunctioning or improper for the size and depth of the pool, the diver can suffer death, paralysis, or other serious injury. In addition, improperly marked depths can also cause serious injury.
  • Electrocution:If there is a mechanical failure due to improper maintenance, or there is some other source of electricity to the pool, any swimmers can suffer serious injury or death as a result of electrocution. Failure to maintain a proper safety environment can cause critical harm to swimmers in the area.

Call Nezhad Law Firm Today To File a Swimming Pool Injury Case

At Nezhad Law Firm, our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys are dedicated to representing victims of swimming pool accidents. In these claims, the plaintiff can often have an uphill battle, because the insurance companies will often wrongfully deny their claim, saying that it was the victim’s fault. You need someone on your side to fight for your rights. Rest assured that the insurance company is fighting for their needs- who will fight for you?

Our attorneys know how to push back against the insurance company, explaining why the other party was negligent and why you are entitled to a settlement for your injuries. If the insurance company is being unreasonable, we will be prepared to take your case to court to protect your rights. Call Nezhad Law Firm today to schedule a free consultation with one of our compassionate Los Angeles swimming pool accident lawyers to discuss your legal rights.