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Riverside Multi-Vehicle Collision

Aaron Begnaud was Killed (Wrongful Death) in this tragic Multi-Vehicle Collision near Gilman Springs Rd near Beaumont, CA (July 26, 2022)

Aaron Begnaud was pronounced dead after a tractor-trailer crash on Highway 79.

Our deepest condolences and sympathies go out to his loved ones and the entire Begnaud family. We remain available to the entire family and Aaron’s friends and loved ones.

This collision occurred at approximately, 8:30 a.m., near Gilman Springs Road, in Beaumont/ Riverside, CA.

According to available information and reports, Aaron’s vehicle was struck by a truck carrying a trailer. Unfortunately, Aaron, was the only one who lost his life in this horrific truck collision.

The police, are currently, investigating the incident however, the cause seem to be clear as to the responsible party. The police will continue to investigate the party(s) involved and release information once it becomes available

Words cannot mend the sorrow felt during this sensitive time. The loss of a loved one resulting in from a collision or accident can have devastating effects on the emotional and financial well-being of those they left behind. Everyone here at Oaks Law Firm, will remain available to Aaron’s loved ones and they will have our full attention during this difficult time, while we delve into every piece of detailed information, to make sure all who were negligent are held responsible for this tragedy. 

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