Nursing Home Abuse

Attorneys for Nursing Home Neglect and Nursing Home Abuse

Sadly, nursing home abuse and nursing home neglect occur far too often across the country and here in Los Angeles. Many Californians are shocked and horrified to learn that their loved one is being ignored, living in unsanitary conditions, and, in some situations, being physically, verbally, or sexually abused.

If any of these situations occur to a resident of a nursing home in Los Angeles or anywhere in California, they have a right to bring a personal injury lawsuit against their abusers to compensate for the pain and suffering they experienced. We believe that those in nursing homes should be treated with dignity and respect, but unfortunately that is not always the case. Nezhad Law Firm is experienced and ready to help you with your personal injury lawsuit in the case of nursing home neglect or abuse.

If your loved one is incapacitated, you may be able to bring a claim on their behalf. Call Nezhad Law Firm today to set up a consultation with one of our experienced Los Angeles nursing home abuse attorneys to discuss the facts of your case and review your legal options.

Types of Situations That Cause Injury

Nursing home abuse is far more prevalent than most individuals realize. Across the country, there are almost 2 million Americans who live in these assisted living facilities, but it is estimated that up to 30 percent of these facilities are abusing their residents or negligent in caring for them. When the provider does not administer the appropriate medicine, is physically or verbally abusive, or attempts to cover up accidents, the patient is a victim of nursing home abuse. We take this situation very seriously and will give you the absolutely best possible council in your personal injury case for nursing home neglect or abuse in Los Angeles.

There are many different types of cases stemming from maltreatment in a nursing home that can rise to the level of a California personal injury claim. Some examples include:

  • Bedsores: Bedsores are painful sores that develop on a patient when they are not properly mobilized or turned by the nursing home staff. Bedsores on your loved one indicate that they have been stationary in one position for an extended period of time, either in a bed, wheelchair, or chair. Even if your loved one is permanently disabled, the medical staff should do their best to prevent bedsores by moving the patient and ensuring that there is proper cushioning in place.
  • Fall Injuries: Sometimes a fall is an accident. But in many situations, fall injuries happen because nursing home staff left a patient unattended when they should not have. Fall injuries in elderly populations can be fatal. Especially when employees attempt to cover up these kinds of accidents, the consequences for a patient can be deadly.
  • Failure to provide adequate nutrition: Everyone living in these facilities is entitled to healthy and regular meals, especially when patients are incapable of caring for themselves. Improper nutrition can lead to malnourishment or even death.
  • Medication Errors: Errors in distribution of medication can cause serious illness or injury, or can even be fatal. When patients go without medication they need, it can make their lives painful and traumatic, something that no patient should have to experience.
  • Abuse: In some cases, nursing home staff have been witnessed, pushing, shoving, kicking, screaming at, or otherwise physically and verbally abusing patients, many of whom are unable to remember the attack or unable to verbalize their concerns.
  • Sexual AbuseIn some extreme situations, vulnerable patients are sexually abused by staff. This is unacceptable and dangerous.
  • Wrongful Death: Many of the above situations can be fatal, in which case, the family has a right to pursue a wrongful death claim against the nursing home.

Why You Need to Call an Attorney As Soon As Possible

If you see any signs of nursing home abuse, you need to speak with a Los Angeles attorney as soon as possible. Even a small sign of abuse that the nursing home tries to explain away could be an indicator that there is a larger problem.

Retaining an attorney experienced in personal injury cases including nursing home neglect or abuse and having the matter investigated could be crucial to getting your loved one out of a dangerous situation as well as protecting future patients. If you see symptoms in a loved one that indicate some form of nursing home abuse or nursing home neglect, you need to address the issue as quickly as possible. Bear in mind that your loved one may have difficulty talking about the issue, which is why it is important to work with attorneys that are compassionate and trustworthy.

Your loved ones deserve to be cared for properly and to have their abusers brought to justice for their mistreatment of all of the people in their care. Nursing home abuse is a serious problem in the country and here in Los Angeles. Call Nezhad Law Firm today to speak with us about the possibility of filing a personal injury lawsuit against the nursing home that neglected or abused your loved one. Sometimes the only way to get the attention of the owners is to file a suit demanding compensation for the pain that their institution inflicted on innocent victims.