Mayweather vs Mcgregor

Will McGregor be able to pull it off tonight? He is younger, seems hungry and wants the notoriety more than the hype of the fight has created. He will certainly need to avoid any MMA/UFC style contact otherwise he can cause major injuries and of course get sued. No one wants a lawsuit.
One exception seems to be that he can use the “Superman Punch” in this match.

 Yes that’s right, McGregor can try a ‘superman punch’ in the fight on August 26,  2017 with Mayweather and remain well within the rules.

For those unfamiliar with this move, it requires the fighter to lead off their front foot and lunge forward with a flying punch. It is especially used in UFC when there is an opportunity to launch off the cage to gain extra force on the hit. 

All remains to be seen and whether the deal has a rematch rolled into it. Who knows. What we do know is that it will be a kick ass of a fight…well, lets hope it is. Enjoy and stay safe.

(Photo Credit: AP / John Locher)

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