Mass Torts

Cases that have many individuals (plaintiffs) involved against one or several defendant corporations are referred to as Mass Tort cases. These lawsuits can be brought in state or federal courts. As such, a lot of such cases can be brought in any one state’s Federal courts. For the most part, the term “mass” generally refers to the participation of many plaintiffs in a lawsuit.

Mass torts involve large numbers of claims and individuals involving one product, device or based on an entities wrongful action. Mass tort litigation is different from a class action. In a mass tort litigation, each plaintiff has an individual claim; whereas in a class action, the many plaintiffs and their claims are not considered individually. In a Class Action lawsuit, the claimants/plaintiffs/victims are usually located in all 50 states, but share a common injury or damage. The claimants join together to bring a legal action against the party responsible for their damages. The intent behind this type of lawsuit is to allow injured individuals, whose injuries are similar, to have their claims litigated at the same time, benefiting from efficiency and economy of scale. Mass tort litigation however, usually includes product liability, defective drugs, medical devices claims, large antitrust claims against businesses, and disasters of a large scale, such as plant explosions, plane crashes, apartment fires, mass shootings and other major catastrophic events that affects a lot of people.

Mass torts require aggressive and knowledgeable lawyers to litigate the complexities of such volume of cases. Additionally, a large amount of financial capital is needed from law firms for ongoing costs, since this type of case and litigation typically lasts many years until there is a settlement or award.


Many people suffering serious injuries may not be able to afford the additional expenses of paying lawyers, hourly, or even paying costs of pursuing their claims and you shouldn’t have to. The expenses involved in handling such cases can be prohibitively high. That is why our services are provided on a contingency fee basis. This means you do not pay for anything unless and until we recover a favorable financial settlement for you. With our “Contingency Fee Agreement”, Oaks Law Group also bears all up-front costs, on your behalf, until your case is resolved.  In the unlikely event that your case is without merit or we do not recover a financial settlement or resolution, there is no cost to you. At Oaks Law Firm, we are committed to the success of all of our clients and to make sure our clients have access to the highest quality of legal services in their time of need. We are here to help.