What Are The Major Factors In Motorcycle Accidents?

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Motorcycle accidents are common across the country, but they may occur more often than people realize. While many of these incidents involve bikes and cars or trucks, there are other dangers out on the roads that can put the life of a motorcyclist at risk. These risks can include potholes, debris in the street, wet conditions, and other cars or trucks on the road. Many different factors can lead to motorcycle accidents, but understanding them is the first step towards preventing them. Remember, Oaks Law Firm can help file a claim to get compensation for any damages resulting from a motorcycle accident caused by someone else. Here are some factors that play a crucial role in motorcycle accidents.

1. Car Collisions

rear end car crash - Oaks Law FirmMost motorcycle accidents occur when a bike runs into the back end of a car or truck. This can happen because the driver of the larger vehicle failed to see the motorcyclist or because the car was not moving fast enough and could not stop in time to avoid an accident. The majority of such collisions tend to result in injuries, so both drivers must take the proper precautions to avoid crashes.

2. Driving Under The Influence

Probably one of the most dangerous factors when it comes to motorcycle accidents is driving under the influence. There have been numerous instances where a motorcyclist gets hit by a drunk driver when they are on the road, so being aware of your surroundings at all times is very important. If you are biking, make sure that you take the necessary precautions to avoid getting hit while on the road. Some substances you should not consume before hitting the road include:

  • Illegal drugs
  • Prescription medication that can affect your judgment or motor skills
  • Alcohol and cigarettes, which impair vision and reaction timesRoad Conditions

Road conditions can also lead to motorcycle accidents. Debris on the road, potholes, poor weather conditions, and other obstacles may be hard for a driver to see, but they can put a motorcyclist at risk of an accident. It’s essential to be cautious when you’re on the road and do your best to avoid these kinds of problems.

3. Weather Conditions

winter roads - oaks law firmFog is hazardous for motorcyclists. If you are biking, make sure that you take the necessary precautions before heading out on the road. Always be aware of your surroundings and understand what obstacles you may encounter when on the road.

4. Drivers Behaving Negligently

In addition, drivers can behave negligently without realizing it, leading to crashes with motorcycles. Negligent driving ranks among the top 10 causes of motorcycle accidents. A driver might make a sudden lane change or perform another action without thinking. If the person behind the wheel does this while a motorcyclist is on the road, it can lead to severe accidents. Always be aware of your surroundings when you’re driving down the road to avoid these kinds of things from happening.

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phone - oaks law firmIn summary, many different factors can lead to motorcycle accidents. Most of them involve the negligence of others, so motorcyclists need to take necessary precautions when they are on the road. Remember, motorcycle accident lawyers can help you file a claim with the person at fault to get compensation for your injuries if you were hit by a driver who was being careless.

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