What should you do after an accident?

Tips to keep in mind, in case of a car accident:

If you or a loved one was injured in an accident, the first thing you/they should do is to seek medical attention. Make sure to keep all record for any ER visit, doctor visit, x-rays, MRI’s or any other applicable medical records.

2. CONTACT AN ATTORNEY (YOU don’t pay a dime UNLESS they win your case)
At the very least, contact an attorney for advice. You don’t have to pay for consultation AND if you hire an attorney, they will represent you without charging you UNTIL or UNLESS they win your case. More importantly, you should have an attorney represent you on your case because they know how to fight and maximize your settlement proceeds based on your injuries and damages. Finally, make sure to hire an attorney who only handles auto accidents and/or Personal Injury Law. Your attorney will be able to get top dollar for your car or property damages and for your bodily injury claim (your net money settlement).

It is important NOT to give oral or written or recorded statements to the other party’s insurance carrier. To be safe, talk to an attorney before giving any statement or before speaking with anyone about your accident or injury claim.

4. DO NOT POST on FACEBOOK OR any social media about the accident or your injuries.
Insurance companies and their representatives/investigators are routinely checking Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc., to see what you are posting. Whether they are pictures or comments about what you did or where you were, before and after your accident/incident. Call us, so we can tell you what they look for.

If you are unable to keep an appointment with your doctor, your attorney’s office, or anyone else regarding the case, make sure to notify promptly that you are canceling and arrange for a new appointment date. Make sure to keep your medical and treatment appointments. Missed doctors’ appointments and gaps in treatment will hurt your case and your settlement.

Keep a record of all expenses that have to do with your case. For instance, save your bills and receipts from doctors, pharmacies, hospital, repair estimates, tow charges, storage fees, rental expenses and other bills. These records should then be emailed or mailed to your attorney’s office for them to collect for you.

Changes in your address or phone number, change in your employment, changes in your physical condition, Date of your return to work, Date of your discharge from the hospital and doctor, Material facts which occur after your initial interview, with your attorney, such as the names of possible witnesses should be promptly given to your attorney or his/her office. ALWAYS stay in contact with your attorney.

Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys know how to handle cases against insurance companies, have the resources to spend as much as the insurance companies to level the playing field in order to make sure you get the maximum settlement you are entitled to. Call Oaks Law Firm today to learn more about how we can help and serve you. If you have been a victim, do not delay getting an experienced and committed legal team to represent you.

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